Group Exhibitions & Individual Works
ben cove group shows
Selected studio work and installation shots from group exhibitions.

Modern Language
solo exhibition at Peter von Kant, London, 2015
ben cove modern language exhibition
Is it the job of art to communicate? If so, how do we constitute its language? Art, of course, is not reducible to a fixed syntax or semiotic and one can see the task of artists as attempting to work against the habitual by opening up nuances of form and feeling. Language is full of noise and misunderstanding and the gap between intention and reception, with its communicative inefficiencies, is where art does its best work. Writing in the art journal Documents in 1929, Georges Bataille called on words to do a job rather than define a meaning. For Bataille, words should do things and his interest in ‘L’informe’ (formlessness) was a way of “undoing the whole system of meaning”. For Bataille, formlessness is a way of dissolving categorical binaries and bringing art into a direct relationship with the messy world around it.

Essay by George Vasey
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Vernacular Hangover
solo exhibition at the Acme Project Space, London, 2013
I’m looking at a well dressed woman standing in a museum, staring at a tribal mask. She is holding a piece of paper with what I assume is a list of works in the exhibition and a half empty glass of red wine in the same hand. The exaggerated collar on her shirt dates the image to around the mid Seventies. She is bending slightly to meet the carved eyes of the mask. She is taking a closer inspection at the surface detail and craftsmanship. The elaborate patterning on the mask infer a significance that is impossible to decode - its native utility long displaced by shifting geographies. It is now little more than a curio, an object of aesthetic interest to the woman with the Mary Quant hair-do.

Essay by George Vasey
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MFA Final Exhibition
Goldsmiths College, 2008
MFA Final Exhibition

Practical Mechanics
solo exhibition at Cell Project Space, London, 2006
For Ben Cove's first solo show at Cell Projects, he presents the work 'Tall, Dark and Handsome'. Neatly wrapped skulls with rainbow striped woolen twine. The work can be read as a starting point for the exhibition as Cove's choice of handmade material and intervention becomes a political gesture against the forces of ideological progress.

Gallery Press Release
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New Plastic Universal
solo exhibition at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, 2004
Coinciding with National Architecture Week 2004, Ben Cove was commissioned to make new work for Castlefield Gallery's main exhibition space.

For his second solo exhibition, Cove produced a body of work focused on architectural ideologies, in particular its visual languages. In postwar Europe, the language of architectural drawing, particularly that of unbuilt schemes developed rapidly in the 1950's-1970's. Groups such as Superstudio and Archigram developed imagery which had much in common with the language of advertising.

Gallery Press Release
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solo exhibition at Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, 2002
Seven large panel paintings mounted on casters propped against the walls; two smaller paintings and twelve paintings made on long-playing vinyl records.